Hello Docs and all.

Even though the convention was over and each one of us went home with lingering feelings of satisfaction or not-so-satisfying, but we all agree on one thing that we all had a chance to meet our far-away friends, colleagues, and making new friends were the things we all hoped for.

A week from now, you will forget all the troubles we went through with the hotel, the emails, the seating arrangement, the chaos of Saturday night convention gala, the shuttle bus, tours cancellation, but only the fond memories will be your daily companion for weeks, months, even years from now. For someone, it could be a memory of a lifetime. I know for sure, many of you ladies still watch the video clips, photos on your smartphone daily, mesmerizing your new hairdo, makeup, and new dresses, and each one wishes that her husband would pay more attention to the one he has at home.

With that in mind, will continue to be your “rendezvous” where fond memories are preserved, new friends are made, VAMA traditions will live on where the first and second generations of healthcare practitioners will meet and learn from each other, walk together hands in hands, with mutual respect and support we all need.

This website will evolve to fulfill its purpose of serving the VAMA everywhere. The old convention content will be archived at  In the meantime, the only things we are providing are photo albums, and videos of the convention gala when it is available.

It is my greatest pleasure to get to know so many professionals in the shortest time. If I would ever be called to help in the next convention, I am ready.

Please accept my highest regards,

Jim Huynh