Welcome to VAMA Philadelphia's Post 9th International Convention Memory Lane

The Place Where Our Fond Memories Are Our Best Friends.

The Ladies, wow!
We are having a good time and it shows.
The Duet Showed Their Talent
The Lucky Guy!
Yo! The Lady in Blue.
We know You're a Good Dancer.
We Love to Dance!
So Lovely.
Physicians Practice What They Preach
Dancing is Good for Your Health
Ao Dai, Black Hair, & Lotus Flower = Pure Beauty
A Shade of Modern Vietnamese Ao Dai
The Headband, Long Black Hair, Beautiful Ao Dai
Made The Men Go Wild
This Look Will Melt a Thousand Hearts
Looks Like a Bouquet of Red Roses
A Magnificent Show of Beauty and Command
Two Beauties Side by Side - Can't Beat That
Beauty is Timeless
Talent and grace blend together=pro
This Gorgeous Dancer Can Kill Any Matador
What a Beautiful Lady
Simplicity, But Astonishingly Beautiful

Cherish Our Youthful Memories.
They Are Our Best Friends No Matter How Old We Are.

The 9th International VAMA Convention August 17-19, 2018

Friday AM Speaker Session
Saturday PM - Convention Gala
Photo Album by Huy Tran
Friday Night - Reunion Gala Ocean City Restaurant
Sunday AM Open Topic Session
Photo Sharing From Friends
Saturday AM - Convention Keynote Speaker
A Visit to Drs. Phuong+Chuong's Residence
Photo Album by Dr. Khanh PC Nguyen

Gallery Highlights